Sung Dong Il did not shy away from expressing his admiration lớn one of South Korea"s sought-after actresses.

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It came after a previous interview of the actor resurfaced where he named a celebrity he wanted to lớn be his future daughter-in-law.

Although his kids are still young, the veteran star joked about asking to lớn "wait" for his son.

Sung Dong Il Wants Kim Yoo Jung for His Son


In 2015, Sung Dong Il appeared in MBC"s "Section TV Entertainment News" alongside Kim Yoo Jung.

At the time, the award-winning actor recalled the first time he met the actress.

It was during the 2007 medical Kdrama "New Heart" where Kim Yoo Jung took on the role as one of the patients.

During the interview, he joked about wanting his son, Sung Joon, to over up with the "Lovers of the Red Sky" Star.

Moreover, the "Sisyphus: The Myth" actor revealed what he told Kim Yoo Jung about his son.

Sung Dong Il joked about waiting for his son khổng lồ grow up and promised to lớn raise him well.

"I told her that I can"t lose her to lớn anyone else," he added.

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There"s no doubt why the veteran actor chose the 22-year-old actress as his future daughter-in-law.

For one, Kim Yoo Jung is a very talented actress và second, she has this bright và mesmerizing aura that will surely captivate everyone.

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BTS" V is a tín đồ of Sung Dong Il"s Daughter

The actor often mentions his children in his interviews, including when he talked about his daughter and his encounter with BTS" V.

In 2018, he guested in a show where he spoke about his kids, Joon & Bin.

At the time, he recalled drinking together with Lee Kwang Soo, Jo In Sung, EXO, and Gong Hyo Jin, và revealed that his daughter is not familiar with these actors despite their extreme popularity.

As the discussion continued, Sung Dong Il shared how he met BTS" V và recalled the time where the Kpop star sent his daughter gifts because he mentioned that he"s a fan hâm mộ of Bin & would lượt thích to meet her in person.

"He sent her a large box full of snacks. He asked me to lớn let him meet Bin & said he"s a fan, & that he will send it. I told her who sent it. When I said, "Bin, BTS" V sent it," she did not know who it was," he said.

To recall, the actor và his kids starred in MBC"s family reality show "Dad! Where Are We Going?" airing from 2013 lớn 2015.

Sung Dong Il is a father of three & married lớn Park Kyung Hye in 2003.

The actor is currently starring in tvN"s mystery thriller Kdrama "Jirisan" with Jun Ji Hyun & Ju Ji Hoon.

Moreover, he is set to appear as one of the cast in Rain and Kim Bum"s new drama "The Ghost Doctor."

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